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Plastic Injection Mold (Auto Parts Molds)

As a large plastic injection mold manufacturer in China, we specialize in manufacturing auto part molds. With experienced mold design and manufacturing engineers, we can produce a full range of high quality injection molded parts for automobiles. Our plastic injection molds for auto parts feature delicate workmanship and high precision. They are widely accepted by 4S automobile dealers, auto part shops, auto repair shops and automobile manufacturers.

Product Range
As we have manufactured plastic injection molds for nearly 10 years, we can successfully provide customers in the automobile industry with a variety of auto part molds for items including bumpers, car doors, hub caps, gar grilles, car trim, headlights, tail lights, fog lights, steering wheels, steering lights, automotive interior parts, rearview mirror housing, fender, automobile lampshades, instrument panels, door panels, armrests, inner fender, air vents, air pipes and safety seats.

Whether you are a full automobile manufacturer, or just a parts manufacturer, and no matter what kind of plastic injection mold you need, we can help you make them. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

  • Automobile light mold
  • Bumper mold core
  • Automobile fender mold
  • Auto intake manifold mold core
  • Car air filter mold
  • Auto cooling fan support mold
  • Wheel hub cap mold cavity
  • Car door handle mold core
  • Car door mold cavity
  • Automotive interior parts mold
  • Auto parts mold
  • Car instrument panel mold core
  • Car grille mold
  • Automotive trim strip mold
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