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Plastic Injection Mold (Motorcycle Parts Molds)

In order to meet motorcycle users and repair shop’s requirements for molds for helmets, tail boxes, kit boxes, pedals, lamps and other motorcycle parts, we have developed a variety of motorcycle part molds, including molds for the tail box, helmets, fenders, headlamps, battery side and front panel, rearview mirror, steering lamp, wind shield, battery instrument cover, battery housing, battery pedal, kit boxes, seat saddles, front cover on the pedals, moped air guide sleeves, moped front benders, tail lamps, handlebar grip, front storage box cover, and electric sightseeing vehicles.

We utilize world leading mold design software equipped with UG, CATIA, ProE, AUTOCAD and Moldflow software to make injection molds to be used in the motorcycle industry.

3D technology is used to design the DL drawing for all plastic injection molds and CAE technology is used to carry out computer simulations for complex stamping processes. The SMIRTWARE is advanced enough to complete manufacturing process engineering, field processing, assembling, and other plastic injection mold production tasks. By utilizing the SAP and MES systems to integrate advantageous management recourses, we have been successful in carrying out informed management of the entire mold business process.

We welcome motor cycle supply manufacturers, part producers and mold purchasers to contact us. We can design and make excellent plastic injection molds for motorcycle parts based on your requirements.

  • Motorcycle side panel mold cavity
  • Motorcycle side article mold core
  • Motorcycle storage box mold
  • Motorcycle wind board mold
  • Motorcycle fan cover mold cavity
  • Motorcycle kit box mold core
  • Motorcycle rear rack mold
  • Motorcycle rear wheel fender mold
  • Motorcycle tail box mold
  • Motorcycle tail box lock cover mold cavity
  • Motorcycle rear steering lamp mold core
  • Motorcycle pedal mold core

  • Motorcycle air filter mold
  • Motorcycle front fender mold
  • Motorcycle front panel mold cavity
  • Mold core for the bottom panel of motorcycle front cowl
  • Motorcycle front cowl mold cavity
  • Mold cavity for motorcycle front cowl trimming parts
  • Motorcycle front steering lamp mold core
  • Motorcycle instrument cover mold
  • Motorcycle seat saddle mold
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