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Plastic Injection Molding (Houseware Molds)

We also manufacture a number of different molds for housewares, which are generally well accepted by houseware manufacturers based on their diversity, distinctiveness and accuracy.

With a team of mold design and manufacturing engineers with years of experience, we can not only produce quality custom mold products based on your drawings and samples, but we can also provide plastic injection mold manufacturing services, equipment layouts and relevant technology.

Product Range
We provide excellent plastic manufacturing molds for the following items commonly found in households: baskets, cups, garbage cans, paint buckets, washbasins, hangers, brooms, cruet, bathroom plastic parts, plastic toys, plastic bowls, plastic cups, fresh box, wastebaskets, storage box, hooks, soap dispensers, oil pots, salt pots, spin mops, bowl mats, disposable tableware, non-slip mats, soap containers, dustbins, egg holders, flower pots, shopping baskets, tissue boxes, CD racks, water buckets, drawers, plastic buckets, plastic baskets, rice baskets, dish covers, fruit holder, first aid kits and tool boxes.

  • Thin wall cup mold
  • Thin wall box mold bucket mold
  • Thin wall bucket mold
  • Fresh box mold
  • Fork mold
  • Stool mold
  • Child stool mold
  • Baby chair mold
  • Baby bath basin mold
  • Hook mold
  • Basket mold
  • Bottle cap mold
  • Paint bucket mold
  • Water bucket mold
  • Plastic basket mold
  • Toothbrush mold
  • Hanger mold
  • Chair mold
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