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Plastic Injection Mold (Furniture Parts Molds)

As a professional furniture old manufacturer, we have been providing furniture enterprises with furniture molds for over 20 years, accumulating great experiences in the design and manufacturing of furniture mold products that can be applied to different practical requirements of customers.

Product Range
Our existing plastic molds for furniture include desks, chairs, stools, storage racks, toilet lids, plastic cupboards, step stools, recliners, escalators, folding stools, treadmills and more.

1. Mold design influences the size of finished plastic injection molds to a large extent. In order to save energy, we try to minimize the mold size when we design it. A smaller plastic mold can be made with a smaller injection molding machine.
2. Furniture products often require a gentle appearance, which is why the mold cooling system is important. We add cooling channels to the mold and try our best to make those channels fit the injection molded furniture’s size for a better cooling effect and a higher dimensional accuracy.

Mold Solutions
If you have specific requirements for furniture plastic injection molds, we have a professional mold design and manufacturing team that can provide you with custom molding solutions. In-mold labeling (IML) is also available to make furniture products look more appealing. This label is customizable and its color will never fade.

If you are interested in any of our furniture molds, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Stool mold
  • Chair backrest mold cavity
  • Chair mold cavity
  • Chair mold core
  • Chair base mold cavity
  • Chair base mold core
  • Toilet seat mold core
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