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Plastic Injection Mold (Home Appliance Molds)

Among our other industries that we have supplied molds to, we have also provided plastic molds for appliance parts. With a professional team of experts in household appliance molds, we can produce refrigerator and washing machine molds. These plastic injection molds will facilitate your electrical appliance production processes, making them faster and smoother. Our company also provides a feasible analysis on plastic appliance part moldings, and provides a number of mold design solutions, making us an excellent choice for household appliance manufacturing enterprises and appliance part manufacturers.

Product Range
We provide household appliance molds for washing machines, tv housing, refrigerators, air conditioners, telephone housing, remote control housing, electric meter boxes, mobile phone shells, computer monitor housing, water dispensers, card readers, medical plastic parts, juice extractor, soy milk maker, water heater, plastic iron, humidifier, blender, hand driers, microwaves, air purifiers, electric scales, electric fans, egg boilers, plastic electrical box, disinfection cabinet, electric kettles, audio speakers, electric rice cooker, dust collector, garment steamers, electric hair dryer, foot bath basin, foot massage device, cell box, electrical sockets, attendance machines, computer mouse, notebook computer, currency counting machines, nail beauty lamps, fax machines, touch screens and paper shredders.

If you would like more mold products, please contact us at any time. Our professional mold design and manufacturing engineers will make the best plastic injection molds to meet your needs.

  • Refrigerator box mold
  • Television mold cavity
  • Fan blade mold
  • Terminal box mold
  • Air conditioner mold
  • Washing machine base mold
  • Washing machine turbine mold core
  • Small appliance mold
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