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Plastic Injection Mold (Container and Pallet Molds)

Our company is an excellent Chinese manufacturer of pallet and turnover box moulds. We have well-qualified plastic logistic container mould engineers with unique design concepts to offer you a wide range of cost-effective plastic injection moulds for plastic pallet and container.

Product Range
Here we name a few logistic container moulds we have developed, the injection molded pallet mould, blow molded pallet mould, turnover box mould, beer crate mould, storage box mould, etc.

Quality Control
As a professional logistic facility mould manufacturer, we carry out strict mould analyses and quality control measures from the initial 3D mould design process to the final mould trial process. Our mould trial group with rich mould testing experience is responsible for finding out the defects of the finished plastic injection moulds and offer feasible solutions to the problems. Then we will modify the moulds and conduct long-time simulated production using the modified moulds before shipment.

No matter you are logistic product manufacturers or logistic accessory manufacturers, our company can provide you with high quality precision plastic injection moulds to make your finished plastic products more premium and more competitive.

  • Basket mould
  • Beer crate mould
  • Plastic basket mould
  • Pallet mould
  • Turnover box mould
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