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World is an enterprise that integrates design, manufacturing and selling numerous types of plastic injection molds and blow molds. As we have manufactured molds for over 10 years, we have accumulated incredible experience in the mold industry and have brought together an outstanding group of people with great technical talents.

Our major products include automobile part molds, motorcycle part molds, houseware molds and pipe fitting molds. In addition, we can also make precision molds, two-color molds, industrial part molds, children’s toy molds, plastic firefighting hat molds, gear molds, water pump cover molds, high-altitude obstruction light molds, car repair kneeler molds, model airplane molds, searchlight molds, card reader molds, steel tape measuring molds, coil molds, and silicone molds.

  • Plastic Injection Mold (Auto Parts Molds)

    With experienced mold design and manufacturing engineers, we can produce a full range of high quality injection molded parts for automobiles. Our plastic injection molds for auto parts feature delicate workmanship and high precision.

  • Plastic Injection Mold (Motorcycle Parts Molds)

    In order to meet motorcycle users and repair shop’s requirements for molds for helmets, pedals, lamps and other motorcycle parts, we have developed a variety of motorcycle part molds, including molds for the tail box, helmets, fenders, headlamps.

  • Plastic Injection Mold (ATV Parts Molds)ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) are becoming increasingly popular, many ATV manufacturing companies and ATV parts manufacturers are spending large amounts of time to develop new ATV products. As a plastic mold design and manufacturing company ...
  • Plastic Injection Molding (Houseware Molds)

    We also manufacture a number of different molds for housewares, which are generally well accepted by houseware manufacturers based on their diversity, distinctiveness and accuracy. We provide excellent plastic manufacturing molds.

  • Plastic Injection Mold (Furniture Parts Molds)Furniture products often require a gentle appearance, which is why the mold cooling system is important. We add cooling channels to the mold and try our best to make those channels fit the injection molded furniture’s size for a better cooling effect and a higher dimensional accuracy.
  • Plastic Injection Mold (Home Appliance Molds)

    With a professional team of experts in household appliance molds, we can produce refrigerator and washing machine molds. These plastic injection molds will facilitate your electrical appliance production processes.

  • Plastic Engineer Mold (Pipe Fitting Molds)

    Not only do we manufacture plastic injection molds for automobiles and motorcycles, but we also manufacture pipe fitting molds. To help reduce expenses the pipe fitting manufacturers spend on molds.

  • Other MoldsAs a professional plastic product mold maker, our company not only produces automobile molds, motorcycle molds, houseware molds and pipe fitting molds, but also we also make other molds, including precision molds, double-color molds
  • Blow MoldA polishing agent with a soft tissue paper can be used. Rub the cavity to allow a small amount of the polishing agent to be left on the surface, then wipe it with tissue paper until it appears to have a mirror-like appearance. Change the tissue paper regularly in order to avoid damaging the mold cavity.
  • Stamping DieBy using 3D technology for modeling and CNC machine tools for manufacturing, the die design and production cycle is shortened. We can also formulate a standard mold production flow and are capable of making stamping dies and blow molds, among other mold products.