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Mold Design

World is a professional plastic injection mold designing and manufacturing company. We apply plasticine model designs, rapid prototyping designs and UG 3D mold design technologies to make different kinds of mold products for a number of industries.

We have an excellent mold development and design group consisting of mold structure designers and product modelers with over 10 years of experience. Adhering to a principle of being practical and innovative, and guided by the goal to improve technological content and competitiveness of mold products, we continuously carry out product innovation and modification processes. We also continue to educate ourselves on science and technology development strategies to improve upon our independent innovation abilities and lead the market in the mold industry.

I. Plasticine Model

The plasticine model refers to the automobile body model sculptured using plasticine in the automobile design. It is used to show the desired styling of the automobile to offer reference for the designers and decision makers.

As plasticine modeling is typically a sculpting process and it requires high quality plasticine that is easy to process by hand. The modeler will apply the plasticine onto a wooden skeleton and uses scarpers to sculpt it into the shape of an automobile at a certain scale. A small plasticine model that is at a 1:5 ratio is commonly made first, and then a larger, 1:1 model will be made once the first, smaller one has been accepted. The second model, which is generally in the actual size of the automobile can have real tires installed to present the overall style of the automobile to be manufactured.

After the plasticine model has been examined and approved, we use a trilinear coordinates measuring instrument to measure the outside dimension parameters of the auto body and record them to make the automobile body drawing.

Plasticine Modeling Process
a. Plasticine baking
b. Plasticine recycling
c. Plasticine application (applying the plasticine to the model base surface)
d. Coarse scraping of the plastocene
e. Fine scraping of the plastocene (As each product has its own form and structure, the plastocene modeling contents and methods will vary with different products.)

II. Hand Model-Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (Abbreviated as RP)

Advantages of Rapid Prototyping

1. Great for making any complex 3D geometric entity
Based on a discrete/stacking modeling principle, rapid prototyping is able to simplify a complex 3D manufacturing process into a 2D stacking process. The RP technology shows its advantages more clearly when making complex parts. It is especially useful in manufacturing complex mold cavities, mold surfaces and other components that are generally hard to fabricate using traditional technology.

2. Rapidity
Through rapid prototyping, you can easily obtain design and manufacturing data for a new part by modifying or reconstructing the CAD model. This technology features a fast manufacturing speed as it allows you to make a component in just a few hours.

3. High Flexibility
RP allows you to complete complex manufacturing processes of industrial molds, prototypes, and components without any special clamping devices or other tools.

4. Integration
Rapid prototyping technology achieves not only the integration of material extraction processes (in gas, liquid or solid states) and manufacturing process, but it also integrates the design process (CAD) and the manufacturing process (CAM).

5. Utility
Rapid prototyping works as a powerful technology for fast product development in conjunction with high technologies used in reverse engineering, CAD, network technology and virtual reality.

III. 3D Mold Design

In the mold industry, the most commonly used 3D design software is Unigraphics (UG) and Pro/Engineer. It is mainly used for concept design, engineering design, performance analysis and product manufacturing in the manufacturing industry. It has a flexible hybrid modeling, complete simulation photographing, fine animation rendering and rapid prototyping.

1. CAE
World uses Moldflow to make an analysis of the injection molding simulation flow to determine the best mold injection molding scheme. By doing so, design blindness is reduced, and the mold design and manufacturing cycle is shortened.

2. CAD 2D
By using 2d mold design software such as AutoCAD and CAXA, we increase the mold design efficiency.

3. CAD 3D
We use UG 3D software to make product designs and mold structure analyses. We can then build mold manufacturing facilities according to specific mold structure and accessory processing conditions to achieve the integration of mold manufacturing.

4. CAM
The Cimatron software we use guarantees that mold data will be transmitted from the design and simulation processing steps to the CNC machining process quickly and accurately.

Mold Design Process
Reviewing a product drawing
Working out a mold scheme report and working out a mold flow analysis report.
Customer confirmation
Making a mold drawing
Working out process documents