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Mold Manufacturing

1. The mold technologists will determine the manufacturing process layout and plan the processing and methods based on the reviewed mold drawing. The manufacturing and assembling of the plastic injection mold are done in the workshop and completed in conjunction with the technical department.

2. We use well-selected raw materials for mold production and process heat treatments on those materials to enhance their hardness. The quality of the raw material with have a crucial impact on the mold’s service life.

3. Every part of the mold must be measured and tested carefully in the testing room designed specifically for that. An experienced technician will complete the mold fit according to the allowable tolerance.

4. The final stage is where the molding department conducts a mold trial to make sure the finished plastic injection molds and blow molds meet customer requirements.

  • Italian Fidia D318 3+2 high-speed milling machine
  • Japanese Sodick low-speed WEDM
  • Deep hole drilling machine
  • NCT2800 mold injection machine
  • Workshop