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Production Flow

With our existing technology and years of experience, we can make custom plastic injection molds to satisfy your needs. Advanced production equipment and a plethora of external resources allow us to carry out flexible mold production.

In order to help our customers reduce their production costs and increase production efficiency, we can also make modifications to their existing molds or mold designs. With the help of a mold maintenance team, the service life of your molds will be extended and thus your production efficiency will be greatly increased.

1. Project confirmation
2. Receiving information from customer
3. Providing drawings
4. Providing samples
5. Checking product drawings
6. Making product drawings
7. Product drawing approval by customer
8. Technical communication in engineering department
9. (2D, 3D) Mold design (2D, 3D)
10. Mold drawing approval by customer
11. Bill of material
12. Purchase steel materials and standard parts
13. Order non-standard parts
14. Work out technological process
15. Mold manufacturing process control
16. Weekly production process feedback
17. Mold trial and inspection
18. Sample sending
19. Mold modifying
20. Sample acceptance by customer
21. Packing and painting
22. Documents collection
23. Delivery inspection
24. Shipment
25. Project documents archiving, Customer feedback