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  • Auto Parts Samples

  • The auto parts samples you see on this page are made using the plastic injection molds manufactured by World Mould. Our auto parts molds feature delicate workmanship and high precision. They are popular among automobile manufacturers worldwide.

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  • Motorcycle Parts Samples

  • As a professional plastic injection mold manufacturer, World Mould is good at making molds for various kinds of motorcycle parts. Here we present some samples of the motorcycle parts fabricated with our plastic injection molds.

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  • ATV Parts Samples

  • Apart from auto parts molds and motorcycle parts molds, our company also produces plastic injection mold for making ATV parts. Some of the ATV parts samples made by our molds are show in the following.

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  • Houseware Samples

  • Does the houseware on this page look attractive? These are sample houseware products produced by plastic injection molds we offer. The houseware molds provided by our company are accurate and distinctive.

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  • Furniture Samples

  • If you want to produce exquisite furniture, please do not hesitate to contact World Mould, a professional plastic injection mold manufacturer. We can design and manufacture fine furniture molds satisfying your needs. Here is some furniture made with our molds.

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  • Household Appliance Samples

  • Household appliances are widely used in our life. To produce there products you need proper high quality molds. World Mould is a company which can provide you with high precision molds for making household appliances.

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  • Logistic Container Samples

  • Here presents some logistic container samples manufactured using plastic injection moulds designed by our company. We are able to offer cost-effective molds for making logistic containers, pallets, etc.

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  • Pipe Fitting Samples

  • In World Mould, no matter what pipe fitting you want, we can provide you with plastic injection moulds for making them. Our pipe fitting molds are of high precision. Some samples of pipe fittings produced by our moulds are shown on this page.

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  • Blow Molded Products Samples

  • In addition to plastic injection molds, you can get blow molds from our company. The blow molds we produce featuring novelty and excellent workmanship. They can be used in almost all industries.

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  • Stamping Product Samples

  • We are expert at designing, manufacturing and assembling stamping dies. The following shows some of the stamping products manufactured using the stamping dies provided by our company. If you want more stamping dies or plastic injection molds, welcome to contact us.

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